The Work of Byron Katie

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"Let him who would move the world first move himself."

The Work

This simple method of self-inquiry called “The Work” was discovered by an American woman named Byron Katie. After many years of suffering from depression and addictions, she awoke one morning in a completely altered state of consciousness. She suddenly realised that when she believed her thoughts, she suffered, and when she didn’t believe her thoughts, she didn’t suffer. This epiphany made clear to her that not the world around her caused the suffering but much rather what she believed to be true about the world around her.

Byron Katie’s method of inquiry has brought relief from the harmful effects of painful thoughts and beliefs to many people worldwide for over 30 years. In order for other people to apply her newly found method, she developed a worksheet where stressful thoughts are written down and then questioned.

Fill out a “judge your neighbour” worksheet with a problem situation.
While completing the 6 points, go deep inside to reflect and then write down the emotions that arise when thinking about this specific person or situation. Who or what caused you pain, anger or disappointment and why? Try to be completely honest and don’t hold back in any way. Allow yourself to put your feelings on paper without the fear of any consequences.

With my support, you will answer the 4 questions and do the turnarounds in regard to what is written on your worksheet.

The 4 questions:

Is it true?
Can you absolutely know it’s true?
How do you react – what happens – when you believe that thought?
Who would you be without the thought?

The work is a way to find peace within yourself and the world. Stress and painful emotions are let go and are replaced by feelings of joy and clarity.
This method helps you recognise what’s true and what isn’t, achieving ground-breaking results.
All you need is an open mind.