The Work of Byron Katie

  • Marlis Degiacomi
  • Versamerstrasse 8
  • 7402 Bonaduz
  • 079 352 38 08

My name is Marlis Degiacomi, I’m married and have 2 children and I currently work as a TCM therapist (traditional Chinese medicine) and The Work facilitator.

I’ve always been interested in the stories of the people around me. Life, so to say, is the author of the most fascinating and thrilling novels. Working as a nurse for over 20 years brought me into contact with countless people of all walks of life, accompanying and supporting them in recovering from their ailments.

I find working as a TCM therapist, with my own private practice in my hometown of Bonaduz, even more fulfilling. Due to the fact that I enjoy working in a team, I also have a part-time job at a private psychiatric hospital in Cazis called Mentalva.

As a therapist in the field of Chinese medicine, it is my goal to take a holistic approach in improving one’s well-being. In my everyday occupation, I see the effects that stressful thoughts can have on mind and body. The Work is an additional tool I have come across which enables people to bring peace and harmony back into their lives. The courses I have taken to become a facilitator of The Work have helped me solve many of my own personal issues. I am now more aware of my thoughts and should any of them be stressful, I question them and do the turnarounds. The result is a wonderful feeling of peace and clarity.

The method which Byron Katie developed is so simple and incredibly effective. What I love about The Work is the fact that we can just go within to find happiness.

It would be a great pleasure to introduce you to The Work and guide you through the worksheets. You do not have to let go of your stressful thoughts and beliefs, they will let go of you.